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Popular Glass Types

Clear (Most Popular)

Clear glass shower doors bring a sleek, minimalist aesthetic to your bathroom. They are transparent and often exhibit a subtle green hue, adding a touch of color to the space. These doors enhance the openness and brightness of the room, requiring regular upkeep for a pristine look.

Ultra Clear ($$$)

Ultra clear, low-iron glass shower doors are the epitome of luxury and clarity. This type of glass, noted for its high transparency, virtually eliminates the common green hue found in standard clear glass. The reduced iron content results in a nearly colorless product, offering a clearer, brighter view that enhances the beauty of your bathroom's design elements.

Acid Etched ($$$$)

Frosted acid-etched glass shower doors provide a balance of elegance and privacy. The satin-like texture, achieved by acid treatment, diffuses light gently, obscuring views without blocking light. These doors add a sophisticated, modern touch to any bathroom.

Rain Glass ($$$)

Rain glass shower doors bring a stylish, distinctive touch to your bathroom. Characterized by a textured pattern that mimics rainfall on a window, they provide a moderate level of privacy while still allowing light to filter through. The rain-like streaks also help disguise water spots and fingerprints, making maintenance easier. 

Clear Vs. Low Iron Glass

Clear Glass

Low Iron Glass

Clear glass and low iron glass are two different types of glass commonly used for shower doors. Clear glass is the standard option and is known for its traditional appearance. It has a slight greenish tint due to the iron content present in the glass composition. On the other hand, low iron glass, also known as ultra-clear glass or starphire glass, is a specialized type of glass that has a significantly reduced iron content. This results in a higher level of transparency and a clearer, more colorless appearance compared to clear glass. Low iron glass allows for better color accuracy and showcases the true beauty of the shower tile or design elements behind the glass. It is often preferred in contemporary or modern bathroom designs where a pristine, crystal-clear look is desired.

Glass Patterns

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