Choosing the Perfect Glass Shower Door with Modern Glass

Published on 11 June 2023 at 14:12


When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, one of the most impactful changes you can make is installing a new shower door. At Modern Glass, we specialize in providing a variety of glass shower doors that cater to every style, space, and budget. Whether you're looking for a sleek, frameless door or a more traditional framed option, we've got you covered.

Frameless Shower Doors

For a high-end contemporary look, consider our frameless shower doors. Made of sturdy tempered glass, these doors do not require the support of metal around their exterior edges, resulting in a sleek, modern look that is free of visual obstructions. They are popular for showcasing beautiful stonework, intricate tile designs, and gleaming hardware in your bathroom. Plus, they are the easiest type to clean, as they do not include seals that develop buildup from water over time.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

If you're looking for a more affordable contemporary look, our semi-frameless shower doors are a great option. These doors have metal framing around the entire frame, but not around the door panel itself. This design offers a semi-unobstructed look but is more affordable than a fully frameless enclosure.

Glass Tub Enclosures

For those who can't part with their bathtub but crave a look that's sleeker than a shower curtain, our glass tub enclosures could be your happy medium. This shower door option for bathtubs can be installed on an existing tub for a modern, easy-to-clean upgrade.

Clear vs. Textured Glass Finishes

A clear glass shower door is perfectly transparent, adding depth to a small bathroom to make it appear lighter, brighter, and larger. On the other hand, a textured glass finish on a glass shower door can be frosted, etched, patterned, or tinted to add privacy to the shower. These doors are sometimes easier to maintain than their clear-glass counterparts which are prone to easy-to-see smudges and hard water spots.


Choosing the right glass shower door involves considering your budget, maintenance preferences, and the style you want to achieve. At Modern Glass, we're here to help you make the best choice for your space. Contact us today to learn more about our range of glass shower doors.


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Rufus Galyen
9 months ago

im needing a shower glass for a custom shower , can you all help me

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